I started this blog in 2008, during the presidential election. I was all fired up. One of my heroes, John McCain, was running against an inexperienced senator named Barack Obama. I thought that Obama was little more than a snake oil salesman, peddling bromides to the masses, making messianic claims that “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”  National newspapers of some repute posted editorials claiming that Mr. Obama might be a “lightworker“.

How all this worked out, in my view, I’ll save for another post. But suffice to say, I was not happy with the turnout of that election. When the 2010 election provided a rebuke to the president, I thought he was done in 2012. There was no way, I thought, this guy was going to be reelected.

Of course, I was wrong. And I became mighty sour on politics. My entries here became desultory and sporadic. My fire was gone, and with it the desire to write about politics.

Yet I like keeping the blog around. I like owning a domain name. I like the mechanics of setting up the website and, occassionally, posting to it.

I recently received an email from HostMonster, reupping my hosting and domain registration for another year. Two hundred dollars, almost. Web hosting companies such as HostMonster reel you in with low rates for the first year of hosting and then jack up the rates over time. This works because, depending on the level of complexity of your site, it’s a pain in the ass to migrate to another hosting company..especially if you are not well versed in the technology.

Realizing my laziness was costing me quite a bit of coin, I took the plunge and changed to Namecheap a few months back. Migrating the site was fairly straightforward. I just exported the blog and then loaded back up to its new home. There were some glitches with media, however. “Maybe I’ll just start the whole thing over, ” I thought.

So I did. The text of the last eight years of NostraSeamus have been archived here.

I do not know what shape this blog will take from here on out. If I end up not writing anything, I will sleep better for knowing that it’s costing me a little north of forty dollars to keep the site sitting around.